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Do you want to learn how to skate? Come join our Skating Academy today!

Icescape Ice Rink offers skating lessons from introductory skating for the very beginner to professional standards. We have qualified and experienced coaches ready for you!

Lessons will be taught in a safe and positive environment, incorporating fun and games making class time an enjoyable experience for all.

If your goal is to skate recreationally or advance to the competitive worlds of figure skating, Ice Skating Academy will help you move towards your goal!

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Learn how to ice skate step-by-step with our coaches! You will learn the tips and tricks for a beginner skater and having fun while ice skating! It is important to master the basic skills before moving on to the next level!


Time to level up your ice-skating skills! From basic spins to flying spins and all the way to jumps! This is where you would get to improve your strength and be as graceful and poised on ice!


Intermediates will be able to have a strong basic spin as well as the ability to do spin combinations! The training will emphasis on smooth turns, correcting posture and effortless flow on ice.

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